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Welcome to the RAGT Seeds website

Cambridge-based RAGT Seeds Ltd is part of the RAGT Group, which has been supplying European farmers since 1919 and is one of Europe's leading seeds businesses. The PBIC cereals business recognised for its unique and improved varieties joined RAGT in 2004, providing the perfect compliment to the established maize grass and oilseeds business of the RAGT group.

RGT Planet gains full IBD approval for brewing UK Agriculture Sets New Baker's Dozen World Record
RGT Planet, the highest yielding spring barley on the Recommended List, has received full approval for brewing on the 2017 Institute of Brewing and Distilling list. The variety shone through in macro malting and brewing tests carried out by the IBD, says RAGT Seeds managing director Simon Howell.
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(On line the 07/06/2016)
A new unofficial world record of just 15 minutes and 27 seconds to produce 13 loaves from field to plate was set in Essex on Friday August 7th 2015.
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(On line the 07/08/2015)
Other news RAGT Seeds
RAGT enters the oat market as it looks to deliver quality to another sector
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RGT Planet set to become Europe's biggest spring barley variety
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RAGT to bring another new potential top bread maker candidate to the market
(On line the 10/06/2015)
Relay set to increase market share after another strong showing
(On line the 02/09/2014)
Skyfall and Crusoe to set the pace within breadmaking wheat choice
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Breadmaking wheat is ready for this autumn
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Ask the Expert - Relay
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Skyfall could reverse milling wheat decline
(On line the 27/06/2014)
Skyfall gains ground with milling wheat growers
(On line the 22/06/2014)
Making the most of milling wheat in the north
(On line the 18/06/2014)
Tour de France cars at Cereals 2014
(On line the 10/06/2014)
Skyfall is ready and licensed to drill
(On line the 04/04/2014)
Genes hold key to fighting disease in wheat
(On line the 10/03/2014)
Disease threat lurks in the wheat fields
(On line the 05/03/2014)
Getting a head start with maize
(On line the 13/02/2014)
Skyfall - Licenced to Mill
(On line the 12/02/2014)
Agiraxx impresses in Kingshay trials
(On line the 10/02/2014)
Skyfall - Group 1: licensed to mill!
(On line the 02/12/2013)
Icon - new Group 3 Recommended
(On line the 01/12/2013)
Summers' time
(On line the 22/07/2013)
Relay - a robust and reliable Group 4
(On line the 15/07/2013)
Cereals 2013
(On line the 13/06/2013)
Cereals 2013
(On line the 13/06/2013)
New OSR candidate
(On line the 07/06/2013)
Cougar - rock solid for disease and yields
(On line the 13/05/2013)
(On line the 03/04/2013)
Icebreaker - top performance from early drilling:
(On line the 23/02/2013)
Cougar - ask the expert
(On line the 13/02/2013)
Agiraxx - consistent maize in an awful season
(On line the 16/01/2013)
Cougar added to new RL as high yielding soft group 4
(On line the 04/12/2012)
Torch cementing its place as highest yielding Group 3
(On line the 03/09/2012)
Torch delivers on yield for 4th consecutive year
(On line the 31/08/2012)
Torch ticks the boxes at Pink Pig Farm
(On line the 23/08/2012)
Torch shines in yield trials
(On line the 17/08/2012)
ADM Buyback on Torch
(On line the 12/06/2012)
Nidera announces buy-back for Torch
(On line the 12/06/2012)
RAGT's genomics work yields three new wheat candidates
(On line the 07/06/2012)
Group 3 with broad market appeal
(On line the 06/06/2012)
Midge resistance eases crops management:
(On line the 01/06/2012)
Engagement in the whisky supply chain to benefit farmers
(On line the 19/12/2011)
Scottish Grower appeal for multi wheat market
(On line the 21/07/2011)
Exciting Times for Wheat Genomics
(On line the 20/07/2011)
RAGT Semences and Bayer CropScience
(On line the 29/06/2011)
(On line the 07/06/2011)
(On line the 07/06/2011)
TUXEDO - Nidera
(On line the 12/05/2011)
(On line the 12/05/2011)
(On line the 28/03/2011)
(On line the 22/03/2011)
(On line the 15/03/2011)
(On line the 21/12/2010)
(On line the 10/12/2010)
(On line the 02/12/2010)
(On line the 12/10/2010)
RAGT and InVivo
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