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Maize, Oil crops and sorghum division
RAGT and the maize DUO System
1st range maize DUO System

From the first registration in 2000 to the birth of the DUO System range…
RAGT’s strategic commitment to this programme has resulted in the creation of selected DUO varieties, which are resistant to cycloxidim (the active ingredient of Stratos-Ultra), to cover all early maturing segments of grain and feed from indices 210 to 580, for the whole of Europe.
Resources :
  • Implementation of a specific research unit working on the conversions of parent lines.

The double advantage of DUO System

1 - The grass-proof power of cycloxidim
  • The power of cycloxidim on annual and perennial grasses
  • Very high level of selectivity in the maize crop
  • Flexibility of positioning
  • Genuine alternative to sulphonylureas
2 - Providing the opportunity to express the full genetic potential of maize
  • Expression of the full genetic potential of maize varieties thanks to the excellent selectivity of cycloxidim in DUO system converted varieties.