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Maize, Oil crops and sorghum division
Oilseed rape
Oilseed Rape: French and European ambitions

Launched in 1993, RAGT’s oilseed rape breeding selection programme focused initially on producing conventional varieties. This has been followed by the development of high-performing hybrids bred to meet the expectations and requirements of the market.
Based in France (Louville La Chenard), the selection programme aims to meet the demands of the major European rapeseed markets including France, Germany, UK and Poland.

Sunflower: Varieties targetted at the conventional and oleic markets with high performing varieties.

Based on a sunflower hybrid with excellent resistance to mildew, RAGT has implemented the criteria "100% mildew Protect" this is capable of distinguishing between varieties by their resistance to all strains of mildew found in France. RAGT also provides innovative solutions, such as the soon to be released Clearfield®, range of varieties which are tolerant to imidazolinine-based herbicides.